Jacob Oakley


Dr. Oakley is a foremost expert on cybersecurity for space systems. He is a cybersecurity author and professional with 14 years of experience specialized in offensive cybersecurity to include red teaming and penetration testing within the DoD and commercial environments. He currently advises on cybersecurity strategy and integration for a portfolio of space systems. His books Professional Red Teaming, Waging Cyber War and Cybersecurity for Space are published by Apress.

Abstract: Mark Watney’s character in The Martian takes over a system in space without permission in order to survive. He comes to the conclusion that doing so constitutes piracy and as such dubs himself a space pirate. This talk is not about the fantasy of being stranded on another planet but about the reality of cybersecurity for space systems. It won’t be an astronaut on Mars that will be commandeering your space system, it will be maliciously motivated, state sponsored hackers here on Earth. The focus of this presentation is to demonstrate how the rapid evolution of space technologies has created a potentially precarious position with regard to cybersecurity and the exploitability of small satellites and other space systems.