July Lunch with Akamai

July Lunch with Akamai

Perimeter based security models have served Enterprises well in the past but are increasingly losing their effectiveness when applied to modern workloads and topologies. As applications shift into the cloud, and employees, partners, and contractors shift to remote access in homes and coffee houses, the perimeter itself is dissolving. Traditional VPNs are being stretched beyond their initial purpose to desperately try to hold together the remnants of an increasingly obsolete network architecture. And no one knows that better than the threat actors who are exploiting weaknesses in traditional security perimeters that simply weren’t designed for this.

In this talk, we will cover:
• The traditional network perimeter is the enemy of diverse virtual workloads and roaming users.
• Attempting to tie modern workloads to perimeter security actually breaks security AND performance.
• What is theZero Trust model? Why it is key to securing access to your network?
• Zero Trust provides both security while removing the traditional performance hurdles.
• How Google’s BeyondCorp and Akamai’s Cloud Perimeter are evolving Enterprise Security and Access to meet those needs.

Our speaker is Patrick Sullivan, Chief Security Architect & Director of Global Security Strategy at Akamai.
In his 12 years at Akamai, Patrick has held a number of leadership positions including leading the Enterprise Security Architect team.

Location: i3

Address: 655 Discovery Dr, Huntsville, AL

Start Time: 11:30AM


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July Lunch with Akamai

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  • The July Lunch with Akamai is on 7/17/2018 and starts at 11:30AM

  • It is located at i3

  • The Address is 655 Discovery Dr, Huntsville, AL.