November 2019 lunch sponsored by Proofpoint

November 2019 lunch sponsored by Proofpoint

Surviving Email Fraud – A $26.2B Problem with Tom Murphy, Director, Security Solutions – Email Fraud

Email Fraud is one of the oldest—yet most successful—threats against your organization and your people. According to the FBI, email fraud or business email compromise (BEC) is a $26.2B problem. The avenues that attackers use include display name impersonation, domain spoofing and lookalike domain spoofing. And fraudsters change their methods regularly to evade solutions that only stop some attacks.

Proofpoint provides a comprehensive solution that stops all forms of email fraud, no matter the tactic used or the person being targeted. From a single portal, you can see all impostor email threats—and understand how to block them—before they reach your employees, customers and business partners. Only Proofpoint can offer a comprehensive view of how both your B2C and B2B traffic is authenticating, by leveraging our global secure email gateway deployments.

Join us to learn how Proofpoint can help you protect your employees, customers and business partners from all forms of identity deception. We’ll be discussing how to:

· Stop attacks before they reach your inbox
· Block threats sent from lookalike domains
· Protect your trusted domains from being spoofed
· Prevent outbound communications to impostors
· Authenticate your supply chain

Door Prize: Dell Chromebook

Location: 655 Discovery Drive, Huntsville, AL

Address: 655 Discovery Drive, Huntsville, AL

Start Time: 11:30AM

End Time: 12:30PM

Registration Closes On: 11/18/2019


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  • The November 2019 lunch sponsored by Proofpoint is on 11/19/2019 and starts at 11:30AM

  • It is located at 655 Discovery Drive, Huntsville, AL

  • The Address is 655 Discovery Drive, Huntsville, AL.

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