Professionally Evil Network Testing-2021 BSides Training

Professionally Evil Network Testing-2021 BSides Training

The course uses a large number of hands-on exercises to reinforce the techniques and understanding an attendee will gain so that they benefit on the very first day back to work. The course focuses on manual techniques for discovery and exploitation while teaching an industry-standard methodology of reconnaissance, mapping, discovery, and exploitation. This methodology provides a comprehensive standard for assessing applications and APIs. This is also a condensed version of our normal 3 day class.

Location: Virtual

Address: link will be email to attendees

Start Time: 12:00PM

End Time: 03:00PM

Registration Closes On: 2/5/2021


  • $5.00

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  • The Professionally Evil Network Testing-2021 BSides Training is on 2/5/2021 and starts at 12:00PM

  • It is located at Virtual

  • The Address is link will be email to attendees.

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