Analysis on the SolarWinds hack with CyberHuntsville

Analysis on the SolarWinds hack with CyberHuntsville

CyberHuntsville presents an analysis on the SolarWinds hack that was exposed at the end of 2020. The guest speaker is Laura Chappell.

. Laura Chappell is a network analyst, author, entrepreneur, and researcher focused on network forensics, troubleshooting, and optimization of terrestrial and interplanetary communications. Ms. Chappell founded the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Program (now simply referred to as the “WCNA Certification Program”) and Chappell University. Ms. Chappell is a member of HTCIA, InfraGard, IPNSIG and regularly lectures on networking communications and forensics.

Location: Virtual event

Address: Virtual event

Start Time: 11:00AM

End Time: 12:00PM

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  • The Analysis on the SolarWinds hack with CyberHuntsville is on 2/25/2021 and starts at 11:00AM

  • It is located at Virtual event

  • The Address is Virtual event.

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