BSidesHSV 5 was a blast, see you at #6
BSides Huntsville 5 was a blast. Hundreds of participants, 3 tracks, 2 days, and one great party!

Thank you to Calhoun Community College for being our host and partner!
Thank you to our fabulous speakers!
Thank you to our generous sponsors and vendors!
Thank to our volunteers and support team!

And Finally....
Thank to all the participants! We loved having you.

So that was our first time running it and you responded big time. BSides training classes filled up, Paul Coggin even had people sitting on the floor, over 200 participants were involved during the show. That's not counting the sponsors, vendors, volunteers or even speakers! So thank you to all of you who came we had a lot of fun putting on the event.

If you are looking for our trainers & speakers here is the list and their social media contacts so you can ask them even more questions.
Thank you Valerie Thomas for the great keynote and getting us started off right.

Thank you Paul Coggin for the great training and as the founder, for trusting us with your baby. Paul@LinkedIn

Thank you Joe Gray for all the social media help promoting the event, telling us some of your OSINT tips and playing iron man. Joe@LinkedIn

Thank you Monty St John for the great technical talks on YARA, didn't know all the great things this tool could do. Really want to know more. Monty@LinkedIn

Thank you Dennis Murphy for the training on Industrial Controls Systems security monitoring, protecting our infrastructure systems is super important. Thousands of customers will never know you helped protect them. Dennis@LinkedIn

Thank you Ben Denton for the detailed live demos of reverse engineering binaries, you packed the place. Ben@LinkedIn

Thank you Andrew Alaniz for giving us the the great talk on assumed breach. Andrew@LinkedIn

Thank you Bobby Kuzma for the showing some secrets to use and abuse of dev ops tools. Bobby@LinkedIn

Thank you Daniel Owen for the interesting concepts on gamifiying users to help with security. Daniel@LinkedIn

Thank you Joshua Crumbaugh for teaching us how to actually succeed at human security, you have some great data to back you up. Joshua@LinkedIn

Thank you Wes Widner thanks for the IOS hacking show and for the chat at Straight to Ale on training day night. Wes@LinkedIn

If you are looking for any of the prizes we gave away here is where you can get them:Ă­voactive-Black/dp/B00RE1UL52/

Special thank you to...

Thank you for the crazy after party, Viperline & Kevin Sena.

Thank you for brining The Storm EC-Council & Jessica Johnson for sponsoring
Get yours here->

Thank you CyberSecjobs and Kathleen Smith for bringing and entire Workforce track

Thank you one and all for sponsorsing!
H2L Solutions
Core Security

See you all at the next BSides Huntsville 6 on Feb 8-9th!
Follow us on Twitter to know when everything goes live @BSidesHSV

Thanks again,
Cary Pool
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Cary Pool
Posted On Friday, March 9, 2018
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