Cyber Range
Help us build the Cyber Range as a tool for the chapter to promote cyber security in the community.

You can help give back to the community and will benefit NAC-ISSA at the same time. Help us with our challenges as we build the Cyber Range. Your expertise is valued and needed! We presently have a need for Linux SysAdmins with strong experience in desktops and laptops. We are trying to achieve a specific objective... Build a laptop that has a very light OS with no added bloat software. It should only have a GUI desktop environment with audio, an LDAP client, firefox browser and a terminal program.

So far we have tried two different methods to achieve this goal.

#1 Lubuntu - everything is working except finding a working LDAP client

#2 CentOS 7/Redhat - Sound is not working properly.

Issues experienced:

#1 Many of the articles for Lubuntu LDAP client are out of date or have dead links.

#2 The correct sound drivers for Cent/RH seem to be present but getting the correct card selected has been an issue.

Secondary Issue: When the desktop loads there is a message that the system is running in software rendering mode. As best I can tell, this seems to indicate the best drivers for the laptop are not loaded. Sort of like running generic VGA drivers vs the specific driver for your model of video card.

To acheive the lightweight objective on Lubuntu we simply used a pre-existing ISO and loaded that. The performance is acceptable and actually quite good considering the power of the laptop.

To achieve a lightweight install of Cent/RH we did the following.

-Install minimal

-Group Install X Window System

-yum install cinnamon, firefox, xterm, freeipa-client

Again performance is acceptable but not quite as snappy as Lubuntu. Perhaps this is partly due to drivers? We're not sure.

If you have another method to achieve the objective. We'd love to hear from you. Our methods above were selected primarily for reasons of ease of integration and quality of support.

Please stay tuned to this channel as we bring you more challenges. If you have suggestions or want to help build the chapter Cyber Range, contact Jeremy Tourville at

If you'd like more details on our Cyber Range please review and select Cyber Range. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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Jeremy Tourville
Posted On Saturday, July 7, 2018
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