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Cyber range training provides a safe environment for personnel to:
• Recognize patterns for security threats and compromise
• Recognize threats faster and practice responding to them properly
• Simulate critical infrastructure components, including computer server and clients, without touching the production environment.
• Conduct offensive operations against simulated enemy targets
• Conduct defensive operations to protect simulated critical infrastructure components

Setting up a cyber security training event is an excellent way for IT personnel to get the training they need.

Portable: The range was built to be portable from day one. We recognized it's much easier to bring the range to you instead of you coming to the range

Flexible: The range is built entirely out of open-source software and supports a huge range of competitions and configurations. While we have pre-canned configurations already available, we can also cusomize it for unique and specialized events as well

Complete: The range comes with everything you need! We provide the networking, server(s) and laptops already preconfigured to suppport our event. We don't even need an internet connection to support your event.

Supported: The creators and NAC-ISSA volunteers will fully support the range. Thes meams you get to focus on the event while we manage the range.

Getting to use the CyberRange is easy!

1 Determine the type of training
• Capture the flag competition
• Training on site
• Developing New Technology
• Custom

2 Pick a Date
• Just need to verify no conflicts

3 Contact NAC ISSA Board
We'll make coordination easy!
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