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Let NAC-ISSA help fullfill your IT hardware needs

As a professional organization, it is important to be a part of the local community by giving back...

Mission Statement: Our mission is two fold
  • 1. We will train and enable the next generation of Cyber Warriors through the use of donated technology.
  • 2. We desire to match local businesses with organizations that are in need of computers within Madison County AL/ greater Tennessee Valley.
All donors please note the following:
  • 1. Donations of 10 or more of the same type machine are desired.
  • 2. Donations of less than 10 accepted if we already have same type of machine. We will keep a running list on this site of machines we have.
  • 3. Machines MUST be in fully working condition to be accepted. The only allowed exception will be hard drives.
I Need PCs With Windows OS

I Need PCs With Linux OS

I Need Laptops With Windows OS

I Need Laptops With Linux OS

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How can I volunteer and help?

We need chapter volunteers to help build and maintain computer images.

How can I donate?

Please use our contact form on this page.

Do I get any documentation for my donation?

We can provide proof of sponsorship

How do I apply to receive equipment?

Please use our contact form on this page.

What donation specs are needed?

3 core or better CPU, 4 GB RAM and 320 GB Hard Drive.

Have Any Question ?

Need details about the donation process? Curious about how it works? Drop us a line, we are always wanting to hear from you.

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