Oct 26 2018

Kickoff To Rocket Secure 2

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NAC-ISSA and Calhoun Community College presents Rocket Secure 2 at Calhoun Community College, our Mission Control Sponsor!!

Conference Overview

NAC-ISSA and Calhoun Community College presents our 2nd launch of Rocket Secure! We've decided to go big again for Cyber Security Awareness month of October. Rocket Secure 2 is a high impact and explosively fast conference held at Calhoun Community College on Friday October the 26th! Tickets are limited so don't miss the launch of this event.

This conference will run from 8:00 until we run out of speakers. We will have talks and information targeting novices (soccer moms) to professionals. Speakers will present technical talks down to how to protect yourself online and at public places with wifi. There will be a cyber cafe to show people how to recognize nefarious wifi. Multiple sessions running throughout the day will be augmented with an opportunity for exhibits/sponsors/vendors in the main concourse. We will open at 8:00 for coffee and networking with sessions starting at 9:00. There will be breaks for people to visit the exhibit tables and we will have lunch. Submit questions to rocketsecure@nac-issa.org.

Our Schedule Track

Track lineup and schedule coming soon!

Home Front

Introductory sessions in cyber security for the non-professional. Safety on public Wi-Fi, safe password/MFA practices, social media safety.

Store Front

Focus on small business such as small stores, lawyer offices, doctor offices, non-profits. What are your liabilities and responsibilities.

Aspiring Cyber Warrior

Introductory sessions in cyber security for the non-professional. Cyber range demo, walk through cybersecurity certification maze, raspberry pi demo and what can you do with a pi.

Practicing Professional

Palo Alto firewall demo. Talk to Palo Alto engineers one on one about firewall for your business. Do you Python? Learn all about using Python. Reverse Engineering.

Evil Genius

Block Chain deep dive. Trends in attacks and mitigation tools.

Conference Schedule

10:30 AM
Your Online Presence: A Hacker's Perspective

Presented by Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller
Session 2
12:30 PM
Say Hello to My Little Friend

Is your iPhone really safe or is it all just an ad? We're told that iOS is much more stable than Android but recent studies claim that iOS apps crash more than Android apps*. On the other hand, some have pointed to the FBI compromising the iPhones of the San Bernardino killers as evidence that Apple's product is riddled with security flaws. For those of us who have spent some time studying iOS security the truth is much more interesting.

Wes Widner
Session 3
12:30 PM
Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Ever since watching the movie Her I'm firmly convinced that voice interaction with our devices will be the next big thing in human computer interaction. The Echo family of devices were the best selling tech gadget for Christmas 2017. Pretty much everyone in my family got one. That's a lot of devices that are always listening to the sound space around them. That got me to wondering, what is the state of audio security these days? In this talk I'll provide you with what I've found on the current state of audio security. I'll show you how what sort of attacks can be made against audio assistants and then we'll talk about how we can protect against those attacks and harden our audio security perimeter. I'll wrap up with a discussion about the future of audio security and what big challenges still await us.

Wes Widner
Session 4
9:30 AM
What Do Business Owners Need to Know About Cyber Security?

What do business owners need to know about cyber security and what are the resources available to those without an IT person? Who are the local companies that can help setup a network and security.

Jason Cuneo
Session 1
9:30 AM
Certification Confusion

Presented by Ben McGee

Ben McGee
Session 1
9:30 AM
Cyber Insanity: Compliance and Risk Management Frameworks

Are these frameworks good or bad? Do they make the world a safer place or do they inhibit innovation and drive mediocracy? This talks explores whether cybersecurity is better or worse because of these frameworks? What might the world look like without the frameworks and how can frameworks be improved to better address security needs.

Joshua Crumbaugh
Session 1
10:30 AM
Gamification - Or Convincing Users to Do Your Bidding

This presentation will explore using the human desire to be the best, or at least not the worst, to encourage competition between teams to remediate vulnerabilities. In a metric free environment it's easy for each IT admin group to look at themselves and think they are doing a good job while other divisions are obviously not doing enough to secure their systems. Comparative scoring, as part of a security program, helps security teams shine a light on vulnerability mitigation successes and failures. Through scoring, security teams can further help to guide teams to the areas that most need attention.

Daniel Owen
Session 2
10:30 AM
Using Open Source Tools for forensics

Presented by Jason Cuneo

Jason Cuneo
Session 2
12:30 AM
Identifying Unknown Packers with YARA

Presented by Monty St John

Monty St John
Session 3
1:30 AM
Practical Pontification

This is a relatively simply talk with a focus on practical pontification about the basics of reverse engineering. The presentation begins with a definition of reverse engineering and a short discussion about common tools used in reverse engineering. Next, we dive into a short tutorial on x86 registers, x86 assembly language, and describe the disassembly process with a couple of examples.

Ben Denton, PhD
Session 4


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Calhoun Campus


26th 2018


300 Tickets Only