Gregory Hanis


Gregory "mobman" Hanis is the original author of SubSeven, the Remote Administration Tool (RAT) software. Greg has been featured in the Rolling Stones, and CBS Miami in various occasions. Active in the cyber community since his teenage years, he sponsors and volunteers CyberPatriot as a way to help aspiring young cyber professionals avoid costly mistakes he knows all too well. He is a patent holder and former start-up entrepreneur nominated for the North Alabama's 2017 People's Choice awards. Greg gives talks and trainings around the country sharing his knowledge with the public and private sectors. Former board member of SFISSA (South Florida Information Systems Security Association), he founded and co-leads HACKBAMA as a way to encourage and cultivate local cyber talent. He has competed in many cyber competitions, recently took 2nd place in the professional division at the Von Braun Center "Cyber Cup" which was held during the National Cyber Summit (

Abstract: Popular culture has driven home a stereotype about hackers as computer wizards able to peer into our secure data—but there are some common myths about hackers and hacking that don’t necessarily hold up to scrutiny, and if you know what hackers can and can’t do, you’re in a better position to make sure your data remains safe.