• Thursday, June 8, 2017

B-Sides Huntsville

NAC-ISSA and B-Sides Huntsville are joining forces!

Paul Coggin the original founder of B-Sides Huntsville has joined with our board and we are going to fund B-Sides starting in 2018. You can sign up here for our B-Sides mailing list to be the first to know more.

B-Sides gets it name from the 2nd side (B side) of a record which means 'not safe for radio'. So we intend to keep the spirit of B-Sides and provide a low cost, unfiltered, highly technical cyber security conference. As always any and all proceeds from the event will be spent on the cyber security community as a whole. We are excited for this new opportunity and hope you will join our list and stay tuned for more B-Sides news!

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