Starts Friday, May 5, 2023

Kickoff To BSides!

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BSides Huntsville presented by NAC-ISSA and hosted at UAH!

About BSides

The fun and cheap way to earn CEU's Instead of paying way too much to listen to some guy in a suit try and sell you something, you can pay just a few bucks to hear actual programmers and hackers talk about the unfiltered side of Cybersecurity.

Instead of trying to think of questions that will expose the salesperson as a fraud, you can have interesting exchanges with people that have actually gained access to high security facilities.

BSides Huntsville is the conference for those that work in the trenches of Cybersecurity. This is the opportunity for you to engage in fierce discussions about the next big ideas or the worst product you've ever seen, but in a friendly and informal setting.

Conference Overview

BSides Huntsville presented by NAC-ISSA! This will be BSides's 9th year in the Rocket City and we intend to make it a great live event. All the BSides volunteers are working hard to put together an educational and exceptional experience. BSides expands the possibility to include more training, workshops, talks, capture the flag, or moderated panels. All provided at an unbeatable price. Submit questions to Have an exciting project? Want to share your ideas for cyber security, but you've never spoken before? No problem. Besure to ask for a "speaker mentor" when you submit to our call for papers here: Submit Paper

UAH Campus


5th - 6th


300 Tickets Only