Cyber Range Challenges Issue #2
Help us build the Cyber Range for Members use.

You can help give back to the community and will benefit NAC-ISSA at the same time. Help us with our challenges as we build the Cyber Range. Your expertise is valued and needed.

We are trying to achieve an objective: -Provide remote access so anyone can work on the Cyber Range building VMs.

What software have you used to provide remote access? We have several VMs built that can give everyone remote access to the Cyber Range. We'd like to install software that provides "VPN like" access. One software package that was considered was Team Viewer. Team viewer will let you control a computer remotely. The problem is that you need someone to provide you an ID and password every time you connect. Are there any products available that will let you connect automatically without needing someone to provide ID/PW combination?

If you have another method to acheive the objective. We'd love to hear from you.

Please stay tuned to this channel as we bring you more challenges. Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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Jeremy Tourville
Posted On Sunday, September 23, 2018
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