Cyber Range for Members
Help us build the Cyber Range for Members use.

You can help give back to the community and will benefit NAC-ISSA at the same time. Help us with our challenges as we build the Cyber Range. Your expertise is valued and needed.

#1 We need an LDAP server built. We are using 389 DS as the basis for this project. So far all packages have been installed on the server but it needs to be configured. Use this article: Begin working on the section that says Configure LDAP Server.
After LDAP is built it needs to be integrated with both the Range and Ansible

#2 Ansible AWX has been built but needs to be configured and integrated with the Range.

#3 Hashicorp Vagrant needs to be integrated with the Range. I have been reviewing the following sources of info to get this accomplished:

I am not a developer. As I worked through the issue I had far more questions than answers. AFAIK, Vagrant can be installed as a plugin. It uses a REST API. Yes, I just used up all my fancy developer words. The directions didn't make much sense to me. Perhaps they are very straight forward to someone who is a software developer.

#4 Hashicorp Packer needs to be installed/integrated withe the Range.

#5 Kali Linux Templates need to be built. There are a lot of updates and specific process to follow to create a template. i.e. - sealing a system

#6 Centos 7 Templates need to be built.

#7 Client laptops need to have an image built for them. We do have one working image so far but it has some drawbacks, mostly speed at initial start up. Once the system is loaded and logged in the speed seems adequate. We have identified three key areas that are a must have for the laptops. It should:
#1 have a web browser (firefox preferred)
#2 have sound
#3 have a terminal available for SSH
#4 have an LDAP client
We want to improve boot up speed if possible. Choice of OS does not matter so long as it fits the four previously listed requirements.

#8 Build a web server as a repository for all training materials and videos.

#9 Remote access for ISSA members to work on the Range. We are developing a plan to make the range available to any ISSA member who wishes to help remotely. You will be able to login to the range from the comfort of home at any hour or time of day as you have time to help out!

Please stay tuned to this channel as we bring you more challenges. Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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Jeremy Tourville
Posted On Friday, September 28, 2018
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