NACISSA Board Nominations
Nominations are now open for the four officers to guide the North Alabama Chapter of ISSA into 2019. Any NAC-ISSA may nominate him/herself or another member of the chapter. Nominees do not have to be current board members. The elected officers of the Chapter shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. If you would like to self-nominate or nominate another member, please email with the name and office that you are nominating the member to fill.

The bylaws allow for the following:

• The officers shall be General Members and shall be elected for one-year terms.

• All Chapter Officers shall have a term limit of 5 consecutive years in the same position.

• All Chapter Officers shall be elected by a plurality of the votes of the general membership responding to the official ballot process by the date specified on the ballot.

• Only members in good standing at the time of the official ballot process shall be entitled to receive a ballot.

The results of the election shall be certified by the Election Committee to the Board of Directors and announced at the February Chapter meeting (General or Business). Each Chapter officer shall take office during the February Chapter meeting or as soon as possible following his/her election.

Duties of Officers


The President shall be the executive head of the Chapter; is responsible for the overall operations and functioning of the Chapter; and shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter. The President shall have the power to call special meetings if deemed necessary for the benefit of the Chapter and shall have the deciding vote in case of tied decision. The President is a member of the Board of Directors and shall preside over Board meetings; he/she shall conduct or delegate the conduct of chapter meeting and all other events. The President shall be the authorized executive manager of the Chapter.

Vice President

The Vice President shall attend to the duties of the President in his/her absence or in case the President's office may become vacant for any cause whatever, and shall attend to any other duties as the President may require. The Vice President is a member of the Board of Directors and shall assist the President in its conduct.


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the formal records of Chapter and Board business; for providing Board members with documentation of the Chapter activities and events; and handling official correspondence for the Chapter unless otherwise directed by the President.


The Treasurer shall collect and is the custodian of the Chapter funds and other articles of value belonging to the Chapter, and shall keep an accurate account of all treasury receipts, expenditures, and deposits. The Treasurer shall have the power to receive and disburse such
funds of the Chapter required in the conduct of its affairs and carrying on of its activities.

The board of directors and our officers work to ensure the organization not only meets the need for CEU/CPEs but that it also meets our goal of professional growth for members, provides educational opportunities to students and members as well as the community at large and seeks to increase the opportunities for our membership. Please consider a position with the board or joining the board of directors as we seek to meet membership needs in 2019. All members are welcome to join board meetings. These are posted under the events tab on

Nominations are open until our lunch on January 15. After January 15, all members in good standing will receive a ballot via email. Voting will close one week after and the results will be announced to the membership.
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Phillip Lee
Posted On Wednesday, January 2, 2019
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