BSides -- Operationalizing PowerShell for Blue and Red Teams
PowerShell is one of the most versatile languages in use today. Besides being resident on modern versions of Windows by default, the language is incorporated in nearly all Microsoft products from Exchange to even Azure. It was originally developed to assist in system administration tasks however, its use goes far beyond that. It is being used for threat hunting, forensics, attacker reconnaissance, escalation, exfiltration, lateral movement, and many other tactics. This enables entities to be able to complete vital tasks without the need for an additional toolset, adding agility to their actions. As such, the language continues to be the leading execution method during intrusions involving Windows systems and helps defenders with their visibility and detection efforts. This training event will provide hands-on exposure to the aforementioned areas all from within the PowerShell environment! Walking away, you will be better postured to identify these tactics or use them for your specific purposes without adding anything additional to the network.
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Marie Held
Posted On Friday, March 4, 2022
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