Member based luncheon
Member based luncheon sponsored by Big Switch.

As attacks on corporate networks and data breaches have become more common, organizations are forced to rethink their IT security strategies.

Many IT administrators mistakenly believe that agility and security are in opposition. However, Big Cloud Fabric is an industry-first data center fabric solution that demonstrates how both can be achieved simultaneously in a cost-effective way. Big Cloud Fabric brings network agility and other benefits of virtualization to data centers through a controller-based SDN architecture, open networking hardware. BCF integrations with OpenStack and VMware vSphere help customers reduce operating expenses (OpEx) by dramatically improving visibility and simplifying provisioning of physical and virtual networks. Security is paramount in the BCF architecture and in every use case. BCF provides a secure and resilient Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution through innovations in Management Plane, Control Plane and Data Plane security. Big Cloud Fabric is also the first SDN solution for physical and virtual networking that provides full separation across management, control and data planes.

Door Prizes: Occulus 3D and Google ChormeCast!!
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Phillip Lee
Posted On Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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