Giving Back Counts

As a professional organization, it is important to be a part of the local community by giving back...

Mission Statement: Our mission is two fold
  1. We will train and enable the next generation of Cyber Warriors through the use of donated technology.
  2. We desire to match local businesses with organizations that are in need of computers within Madison County AL/ greater Tennessee Valley.
*All donors please note the following
  • Donations of 10 or more of the same type machine are desired.
  • Donations of less than 10 accepted if we already have same type of machine. We will keep a running list on this site of machines we have.
  • Machines MUST be in fully working condition to be accepted. The only allowed exception will be hard drives.
We need chapter volunteers to help build and maintain computer images.
Please use our contact form on this page
We can provide proof of sponsorship
Please use our contact form on this page.
3 core or better CPU, 4 GB RAM and 320 GB Hard Drive
Thank you to our past donors-Defense Acquisition University

I'd like to volunteer time to process equipment